***Limit two 4-packs per customer***


Hello Friends,


If you have never heard of the California Craft Brewers Association, we would like to take a minute to introduce them.  For Over 30 years, the CCBA has been protecting, educating and connecting craft brewers across the state.  Now, as always, they have been a beacon for an industry that has been doing its best to weather a particularly tumultuous storm.  


Their efforts to work with the State of California and Alcohol Beverage Control to come up with sensible solutions during this pandemic has given many businesses a fighting chance to survive.  All the while, they have communicated clearly and educated effectively so that the brewing industry is among the most informed and prepared industries in the state.


At the same time, the CCBA’s main fundraisers, including beer festivals and conferences, have been canceled because of COVID-19 restrictions prohibiting gatherings.  At a time when we need them the most, they are now fighting for us with one hand tied behind their backs.  


Kern River Brewing Company, along with other breweries across the state, are releasing CCBA beer to help support their efforts and let them know we stand with them.  KRBC has already donated 100% of the anticipated sales of this beer to the CCBA and has open-sourced the artwork and recipe for other breweries to contribute what they can.  We have an alternate CCBA name for this beer as well - “California Can Beat Anything”, after the belief that California’s diversity and strength will help us get through this, and any other, challenge.


 So that is the story behind why we made this beer.  We hope you enjoy it; and when you do, feel good in knowing that you are supporting the people that support the craft brewing industry in California.    

You can find CCBA IPA at our brewpub in Kernville, CA, or purchase it for next-day shipping (in California) on our website at www.kernriverbrewing.com. Amounts are limited, so we don’t expect it to be available for long.


IPA with Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic - 7% abv - available in 16 ounce 4-pack cans.



The Crew

Kern River Brewing Company


CCBA IPA 16oz 4-pk

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