The Gauntlet Imperial Stout Two Bottle Set

Along the Wild and Scenic forms of the Kern lurks a stretch of water known simply as The Gauntlet. With no good way around this section, one can only point downstream and face the challenge head-on. Get separated from your boat and you are in for a long and dangerous swim. Emerge unscathed and you will have nothing but smiles for days. 


This Imperial Oatmeal Stout is a complex matrix of oats, roasted malts, cacao and peanut butter. While smoother than its namesake rapid, this Gauntlet of flavors is equally as enjoyable once you make it to the bottom.


Shipping is included in the sales price. Each two-pack ships independently.


The Gauntlet Imperial Stout with peanut butter and cacao 10.5% abv


The Gauntlet Imperial Stout Two Bottle Set

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